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"Racing has always been a huge part of my life and it was while watching Superstox that the idea of a mini stock car came about. I wanted to create a formula where all cars were equal, putting the emphasis on driving. The oval racing world is a close, family-orientated community so I wanted to create a cost-effective formula that would appeal to all age groups and levels of experience, from first-timers through to the retired that just can’t give up! And best of all you can race these brilliant cars with running costs as low as £9.00 per meeting!"

 - #116 John Smith, multiple Superstox champion and founder of the Mini Super Twos formula

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Stock cars racing side-by-side

The Mini Super Twos are a new class of racing car. Based on a F2 Superstox race car, this single-seater offers the excitement of racing a stock car at a very affordable price.

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Where are Mini Super Twos racing?

Aldershot Raceway

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Drivers with trophies

Mini Super Twos stock cars can be hired for single events or on a multi-meeting agreement. Experience the thrill of racing two or three-wide with novice and experienced drivers!

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