Junior Super Twos Championship Points

2021 Championship Points
Points up to and including July 11th 2021


#217 Josh Dent 107     <Current Points Leader

#32 Stewart Adams 90

#380 Nina Cayzer 77

#409 Jack Rollett 72

#46 Danny Skipper 70

#300 Lola Jackson 49

#24 Reuben Dodson 46

#21 Ruby Smith 44

#45 Jacob Skipper 37

#22 Callum Kelman 36

#337 Billy Fear 11


Points are awarded as follows:
1st Place - 8pts
2nd Place - 7pts
3rd Place - 6pts
4th Place - 5pts
5th Place - 4pts
6th Place - 3pts
7th Place - 2pts
8th Place - 1pt

1st Place - 16pts
2nd Place - 14pts
3rd Place - 12pts
4th Place - 10pts
5th Place - 8pts
6th Place - 6pts
7th Place - 4pts
8th Place - 3pts
9th Place - 2pts
10th Place - 1pt

Go to the Junior Super Twos Championship Points Archive for historic points standings.

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