Driver Testimonials

A selection of comments from our current and past drivers...

Mini Super Twos is a fantastic formula not only for new drivers with no racing experience but also drivers that are struggling with the time and cost of other formulas. The atmosphere amongst the drivers in this formula is well known for being very friendly and fun and we all work together to keep each other on track, We refer to it as the "Mini Super Twos Family"

All cars are as close to identical as possible and strictly controlled to keep the racing close and fair regardless of your budget "more money does not gain you performance"


Paul Cook, #81 Mini Super Two Driver

"Super Twos are fantastic fun to race. The cars are all equal and their drivability makes them perfect for everyone from rookies to experienced racers. The racing is close and clean and most importantly fair. The series is very cost effective and is closely cost controlled to keep budgets down. I can't wait for the 2016 season."

Paul Sweeney, #12 Mini Super Twos driver

“I love racing and even after 30 years I’m really looking forward to racing the Mini Super Twos this season“

Malcolm Foskett, #48 Mini Super Twos driver

"Mini Super Twos offers the kind of level playing field that other stock car formulas simply can't provide. The cars are smart and well presented, simple to maintain and affordable to purchase and run. Its the ideal formula for newcomers looking to find a way into racing or experienced drivers who want to race at a very reasonable budget. With more and more tracks being added to the schedule the category has a great future!"

Dan Boys, #38 Mini Super Twos driver

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