Price List

Price list for 2015 season. Prices may be subject to change.

Chassis & chassis parts

Chassis (unpainted)
Front Bumper (unpainted)
Rear Bumper (unpainted)
Rear Nerf Springs (Nylon) Left or Right
Battery Box (Complete, unpainted)
Powder Coating (Any solid colour/Colour Match) £POA

Suspension Components

Front Top Wishbone Left (unpainted)
Front Top Wishbone Right (unpainted)
Lower Compression Strut Left (unpainted
Lower Compression Strut Right (unpainted)
Lower TCA Left (unpainted)
Lower TCA Right (unpainted)
Track Rod Ends Left (unpainted)
Track Rod Ends Right (unpainted)
Push Rod Ends Left (unpainted)
Push Rod Ends Right (unpainted)
Up Right Left (unpainted) £
Up Right Right (unpainted) £
Forward Radius Rod Rear Left (unpainted)
Forward Radius Rod Rear Right (unpainted)
Lower Radius Rod Rear Left (unpainted)
Lower Radius Rod Rear Right (unpainted)
Top Radius Rod Rear Left (unpainted)
Top Radius Rod Rear Right (unpainted)
Steering Rack
Mounting Blocks

In car components

Seat £POA
5 Point Harness
Steering Wheel
Quick Release Spline & Boss
Steering Column (Complete)
3/4 UNF Half Nut x 2
3/4 x 3/4 Rose Joint (Column Mount)
Steering Knuckle
Brake Pipe Aeroquip £POA
Long Battery Cable
Short Battery Cable
Brake Pedals Complete (Less Master Cylinder)
Master Cylinder
Master Cylinder to Pedal Rose Joint (female) 5/16 UNF Right Hand
Brake Heel Rest
Throttle Pedal Complete (less spring)
Throttle Pedal Return Spring
Throttle Cable
Throttle Cable Bracket
Throttle Cable Carburettor Clamp STEEL with 2 allen keys
Switch Panel & Extended Harness/Wiring Loom


Engine Ass.
Clutch 1010
Clutch Fan Blade Plate with Boss
Thunder Sprocket – Front 11 Teeth
Drive Axle Threaded End
Pillar Block Bearings NP30 RHP
Pillar Block Bearings ‘Budget Option’
End Axle Shaft Bearing SLFE30A RHP
End Axle Shaft Bearing ‘Budget Option’
Axle Back Plates Left or Right (unpainted)
ALUMINIUM Rear Drive Hub
Chain 428 Pitch CZ
Drive Sprocket Carrier ALUMINIUM
Brake Disc
Rear Brake Caliper
Rear Brake Pads
ALUMINIUM Engine Mounting per set
Wheels & Tyres
Wheel Studs
Wheel Nuts
STEEL Front Hub Centre Wheel Bearings
STEEL Front Grease Caps
Plastic Front Grease Caps
Fuel Tank & Neck
Stainless Steel outer lining Fuel Pipe for length
Exhaust Pipe
Exhaust Silencer
Tyre Valves with cap
Fuel Filter from Fuel Tank


Cockpit Side Panel 1 Left Hand
Cockpit Side Panel 2 Left Hand
Cockpit Side Panel 3 Left Hand
Cockpit Side Panel 1 Right Hand
Cockpit Side Panel 2 Right Hand
Cockpit Side Panel 3 Right Hand
Cockpit Side Upper Rear Left Hand
Cockpit Side Upper Rear Right Hand
Back Panel Outer
Rear Wing Ass. Centre Wing Mountings
Seat Back FIREWALL Panel
Top Rear FIREWALL Panel
Name Plate Sun Visor
Bonnet Latch Springs
Body Paintwork £POA

Rose joints/hardware/nuts & bolts

5/8 Clevis Adjusters
Com10 Spherical Joints
Com10 CirClips
1/2 x 1/2 UNF Rose Joints Left Hand
1/2 x 1/2 UNF Rose Joints Right Hand
Bolt Spacers RJS Stainless STEEL
1/2 UNF Nut Left or Right

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