Rule Book

Correct as of 1st July 2016

Firstly, if it does not say you can do it in the rules then you can CANNOT do it.

Mini Super Twos reserve the right to amend the rules at any given time without notice. They are intended for the sole recipient and not for distribution. Drivers and officials will be notified of any changes immediately.

Rules are there to be followed. If you are not happy with the rules PLEASE DO NOT SIGN A LICENSE FORM.

The car

Every Mini Super Twos chassis will be manufactured by approved Mini Super Twos suppliers. Chassis are designed to be as close to identical as possible. Any changes made to Mini Super Twos will be made by Mini Super Twos suppliers. Drivers and officials will be notified immediately.

Drivers are permitted to mend their own cars. However, repairs MUST be to the standards of how the Mini Super Two car was as it left the workshop. Mini Super Twos scrutineers will check the work and repairs thoroughly before giving permission to race. This is to check the legality and standard of the work carried out.

Drivers may assemble their own cars. However, all parts MUST be supplied and manufactured by Mini Super Twos. When the self-built car is completed it MUST be presented to a Mini Super Twos scrutineer for approval before being allowed to race.

Specific Mini Super Twos components

Certain parts of Mini Super Twos cars are ONLY to be produced by, or supplied by Mini Super Twos. These items are: roof wings, chassis, fuel tank, engines, exhausts, sprockets, wishbones, front stub axles, uprights, front hubs, rear hubs, rear drive sprockets, brake calipers, hub bearings, steering racks, wheels, block bearings and bottom TCA's. In summary any part pertaining to the car is on the Mini Super Twos shelf.


Details to follow.


The Loncin 420 electric start engines and Launtop 420 electric start engines are the ONLY engines permitted. These will be supplied by Mini Super Twos. ALL engines MUST remain as it leaves the Mini Super Twos workshop. All engines have been tested and sealed by Mini Super Twos. All engines have five (5) seals each. Engines will be checked for seals during scrutineering. If seals appear to have been tampered a Mini Super Twos scrutineer will ask the driver to remove the engine for further checks. Drivers will not be permitted to race until Mini Super Twos scrutineers are happy the driver is not cheating. If the driver appears to be cheating further consequences will be issued.

Engines may be serviced by their owner. Oil filters, air filters, plugs and any serviceable parts can be purchased from Mini Super Twos.


All Mini Super Twos will be as close as possible to identical weights when leaving the workshop. The total minimum weight at the end of the race without the driver will be 243kg.


All carburettors MUST remain standard. No modifications are permitted. The jets MUST remain the same.

The air filter supplied with the engine is a stock item and can be purchased at any time from Mini Super Twos. These air filters are to remain the ONLY air filter permitted.

Spark plugs

Any standard spark plugs are permitted. For example NGK Standard Spark Plugs. No racing plugs are permitted.


Camber will be checked by Mini Super Twos scrutineers. Positive and negative camber will be permitted. Emergency repairs during a meeting will be at the Mini Super Twos scrutineers' discretion. However, it must be corrected before the next meeting. Again, repairs will be checked by Mini Super Twos scrutineers.

Rear axle

The rear axle MUST remain central to the car. And equal eace side with the aluminium rear hubs in place. No movement of the axle is permitted. The axle will be supplied by Mini Super Twos. This axle has been specifically modified for the Mini Super Twos cars. The block mountings for the rear axle MUST remain in the same position as it leaves the Mini Super Twos workshop. The aluminium hubs MUST remain in the same position. No spacers permitted to change the inside or outside wheelbase. No offset changes are permitted.


All exhausts MUST be a Mini Super Twos system. No other types are permitted. All exhausts will be checked for any modifications.


The braking system shall remain as standard, as it leaves the Mini Super Twos workshop. No alterations are permitted. The calliper disc and pads are all supplied by Mini Super Twos. Brakes must be in full working order. All master cylinders are to remain the same. However, these can be purchased elsewhere as long as they are near to identical.


Only the wheels supplied by Mini Super Twos are permitted. The wheels MUST be 4x4" ETO PCD Rim 350BX10H2.

No types of banding or reinforcement are permitted.


Only the tyres supplied by Mini Super Twos are permitted. No race tyres are permitted. These are 145/80R10. All tyres MUST be standard and will be supplied by Mini Super Twos. No modifications are permitted. No grooving, no cutting or buffing is permitted. Rasping of the tyres is permitted in order to clean off the tyres. Tyre testing is something we try to do throughout the season. We are pleased with the tyres we are currently running. Although, we have run 2 other types and we find there is no real comparison.


All suspension MUST remain as standard. No modifications are permitted. All items must be purchased from Mini Super Twos and no self-made parts are permitted. This will be checked by Mini Super Twos scrutineers. Jacking or twisting of the chassis is NOT permitted.


Mini Super Twos bodywork must be maintained in a well-presented condition. All body panels must be fastened by pop rivets. Screws may be used to re-fix panels during race meetings for safety purposes. All panels are supplied by Mini Super Twos. Self-made panels may be permitted as long as they maintain the same shape and thickness as those produced and used by Mini Super Twos.

Nerf rails

Nerf rails MUST remain as standard. They must be welded to the chassis. The nerf rails are supplied by Mini Super Twos as a kit. Mini Super Twos offer a re-fitting service on request.

F2 dual element and Superstox roof wing

Mini Super Twos come equipped with either a Single Element F2 wing, Dual Element F2 wing or a Superstox roof wing as standard. The wing MUST be supplied by Mini Super Twos. The whole of your roof wing must be painted to your specific roof grade colour. Number colours and design are by choice as they are easily read.

Fuel and fuel system

Only Unlead or Super Unleaded garage forecourt fuel is permitted with a maximum of 99 RON. The use of additives or octane boosters of any description is forbidden. Random fuel tests may be carried out throughout the season. Fuel lines from the tank to the fuel pump MUST have a jubilee clip fastening. A non-return valve MUST be fitted in the fuel breather pipe close to the top of the outlet. The fuel line MUST be a stainless steel, braided hose or a rubber hose with a nylon center. This is supplied by Mini Super Twos. It may be supplied by an outside source as long as it complies with the Mini Super Twos requirements.

Fire extinguishers

Dry powder fire extinguishers (600g min.) MUST be carried in race transporters and MUST be easily accessible.

Bumper/wheel guards

Mini Super Twos come equipped with front and rear bumpers and two (2) wheel guards. They MUST be maintained and in a good condition during race meetings. No sharp edges are permitted. They must be fixed securely with a nut and bolt. Wheel guards are to be nylon or spring and in a good condition.

Battery and fuel tank

The only permitted fuel tank is the tank that is supplied by Mini Super Twos. They must remain in the factory fitted position, located in the rear of every Mini Super Two car.

The battery must be located on the near side of the Mini Super Two and it MUST be fully enclosed. ALL battery boxes are supplied by Mini Super Twos and MUST be constructed of steel and securely fastened. Enclosed batteries MUST have a piece of non-conductive material on top of the battery to prevent it from shortening out.


All Mini Super Twos are constructed using premier quality equipment. Any replacements that are fitted by the owner MUST conform to the Mini Super Twos specifications. Once a Mini Super Two has been purchased it is then the owner's responsibility to make sure the car is maintained to the highest standards and is safe to race.


The steering rack MUST be supplied by Mini Super Twos. No quick racks are permitted. Rose joints must be 1/2 x 1/2 UNF, supplied by Mini Super Twos or by the owner. Steering rack gaiters are a stock item. Everything to do with the steering rack and steering column are stock items. Pop off/quick release steering wheels are permitted, supplied by Mini Super Twos or other approved supplier. The steering mounting and steering wheel position can be adjusted to suit the driver.

Track rules

You MUST conform to the track rules of the promotion(s) Mini Super Twos race under.

Track limitations

The following is not permitted:

  • 'Following in'
  • Turning right into the catch barrier
  • Deliberate spinning

Drivers may push to pass other cars.

Novice drivers will be issued with a black and white cross which is to be placed behind the seat. The black and white cross signifies NO CONTACT and is to establish confidence in new or novice drivers. A yellow and black cross will be issued to drivers preferring LIMITED CONTACT, again to establish driver and racing confidence.

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