2017 season halfway news round-up

July marks the mid-point of the 2017 Mini Super Twos Championship, with nine rounds of racing completed so far and eight further meetings scheduled for the remainder of the season.

After starting the year at the Oval Racing Expo at Arena Essex Raceway in January and subsequent visits to Yarmouth Stadium, Aldershot Raceway, Birmingham Wheels and Northampton Raceway, the Mini Super Twos look forward to more summer evening races at Yarmouth Stadium as well as a debut meeting at Arlington Stadium in East Sussex on Wednesday 9th August.

In the autumn the formula will make return trips to Birmingham Wheels and Aldershot Raceway. We've enjoyed strong grids at all dates and received some wonderful feedback from spectators and race officials alike.

Reigning National Points Champion #515 Craig Driscoll currently leads the overall points championship with 265 points.

Thank you to Andy Crayford @ Crayford Media for the headline photo of the fantastic finish of Heat 1 at Aldershot Raceway on 16th April.

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