And the new 2021 national champion is……….

#300 Tristan Jackson

2021 Gold roof National Champion

Following Tristan's win we managed to catch up with him for a chat


Hi Tristan, thanks for taking a bit of time to chat with us, First of all massive congratulations on becoming the 2021 Gold roof National champion! How did you feel the race went?

Hi Paul, thanks it's an honour to gain the gold roof! Starting 3rd on the grid always gave me hope as its often a great place to start without the pressure of being on front row. The track looked tricky with the wet patches from the morning drizzle, but took confidence from the car feeling good in practice! From the off all went well and I gained an early lead and managed to miss the early tangles! The rest of the race was a bit of a blur, definitely felt the on coming pressure from 476 Sean and was a huge relief to count the last few laps down to the chequered flag.

As you say it was almost a surprise to find a damp track in practice when the pits was completely dry, How tough was the qualifying process to get yourself to the front end of the grid? As you say a couple of points could have made a big difference and found yourself starting on the outside row, Did you have that in mind in the last round or two of qualifying?

The qualifying process for me was more luck than real planning. With my son Jenson racing ninja karts and Lola and myself racing ms2s we very often find the meeting clash and funds don't often stretch to a long trip to Yarmouth as we live minutes from Arlington stadium. It was a nice surprise to find that the meetings we had done were nq rounds and that we gained enough points for 3rd.

Now the word "Family" there is obviously a massive part of your racing and that is clear to see for all as not only you but your wife Emma often have an awful lot to do between races, for those that don,t see what goes on in the pits can you tell us a little about that?

It's definitely all about family! We couldn't do this level of racing without working together as a great team! If we use Sunday as an example, 9 races between 3 of us with a car share for lola and myself! We often only have one race between myself and lola where we have to do a seat change, pedal change, refuel and any isssues/damage from the previous race! Meanwhile Emma has had to learn alot very fast on how to get Jenson race ready, kart prepped and re fueled and pushed up the pit lane! We often cross over in the pit lane to shout results to each other, and only stopping for a breath when the last race is done!!

Its quite something to see on race day, I have no doubt that its extremely tough to get everything done in time and then to compose yourself and go out and race is something that i would certainly struggle with. So going back a little now, how did you get into oval racing? You are no stranger to the ovals having raced in other formulas, how do they compare to a Mini Super Two?

I went to watch at Arlington when I was about 12, realised it was kids racing minis, and went on and on at my parents until they let me have a go at the age of 13! This led onto stock rods as an adult formula where I was lucky enough to win the European championship, this then sparked a go in the 2ltr hot rods for a couple of seasons but found it too expensive to be competitive! I went back to stock rods until Lola fancied a go in a ninja kart. At this point I was probably ready to retire and let the kids race, but happened to notice the mini super two's had a hire car! And now we are two seasons in, Lola has joined the juniors and I can honestly say we are loving it! It's such a pleasure to race in this formula because after years of feeling you have to spend the most money to be competitive this formula allows you to get in, put your lid on, drive flat out and if that's good enough you will win, if not a little bit of set up with no expense to find more speed! John makes everyone so welcome as do all the ms2 drivers and their teams which makes it always a great day out racing!!

Now speaking of the hire car, that is often how many drivers catch the bug after having a go and a little bird tells me that one of your sponsors may be interested in having a go some time soon and they are names that anyone who follows oval racing will probably recognise! If you could name any driver from any formula who you would love to come out in a car and race against who would it be and why?

Having the hire car is definitely an amazing way of showing the formula off! If I had to name somebody would probably be Tom Harris brisca f1 World champ! Simply because he's the best at what he does!

Its not unheard of for a Brisca F1 driver to hire a car so you never know but im sure he would enjoy it. So looking ahead to the rest of this season and into next, What are your hopes and will there be any changes going into next year?

No massive changes, will just try to enjoy the rest of this season. Looking forward to next season I plan to give the car a winter makeover and try and do some testing with Tola to find a set up that suits her better. We hope to enjoy many meetings showing the gold roof off next season.

Im sure you will be a great Champion and we all look forward to seeing the gold roof and those yellow flashing lights ablaze again, Just before we let you go would you like to give any sponsors or people a mention?

I would like to start by thanking Em and the kids for always being my biggest fans! Dad for his help, support and advice. Sarah and Jason at Norfolk egg for their continued support for myself and the kids! My workplace SLM body repair centre for the help with the paintwork! Thanks to John for everything and all of you ms2 drivers who make each meeting very enjoyable.

Thanks for your time Tristan, once again congratulations on your achievement and we look forward to seeing you and your family at a track very soon.

Top 3 in National Championship:

1st - #300 Tristan Jackson

2nd - #476 Sean Pooley

3rd - #979 Seamus Cushnahan

John Smith presenting Tristan with his trophy

Left to right: John Smith, Seamus Cushnahan, Tristan Jackson, Sean Pooley


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