Driver interview with #761 Matt Smith

                    #761 Matt Smith


Hi Matt, first of all congratulations on qualifying on pole for your biggest race of the year, The National Championship. How has your season been this year?

Well it’s been really enjoyable. With the grid of cars we have had it’s hard to get an edge on any one as we are all so evenly matched. But really have loved it

So do you think it will feel different for you going in to the main race starting from the very front rather than the back?

I think it will finally sink in as I’m waiting for the green flag to drop. I have some serious Competition up the front with me. Fair but hard racers so I pray for a good outcome. It’s going to be one of toughest races i think I have raced.

As well as the obvious drivers up there with do you think there are any dark horses further back on the grid?

I will be honest number #85 Craig Marchant has been doing so well this year I think he will come through the grid rather quick, both the Kinton boys are really flying and pushing hard but In all fairness if the grid gets bunched up at any point everything could change. Even at the back we have a lot of consistently fast drivers, Seamus Cushnahan has been known to get through the grid in no time with his shifty driving. So really as I say anything could happen so it definitely will be a good race to watch.

It has been a very mixed year with many different people winning and like you say most recently #85 took the English Championship from #300 Tristan Jackson who you can bet will also be a strong runner starting towards the front. Are you hoping for a wet or a dry race? The last National Championship was run in wet conditions.

It goes without saying I hope it’s dry as I’ve never been a wet weather man on the track unless it’s on shale. #300 Tristan Jackson starting on my bumper is a Concern I will be honest and the likes of #476 Sean Pooley and #16 Courtney Smith ready to get stuck in. Let’s just hold on and hope for the best. Last but certainly not least #81 Paul Cook will not be giving up that stunning gold roof easy so I expect a good battle is sure to come my way from our current National Champ as he’s never given up till the Chequered flag has been waved.

Speaking of #16 Courtney smith who you mentioned above brings me to the subject of family. Its no secret the Smith name is well known in oval racing, Do you feel more pressure to do well with many family members both in the past and indeed currently have been very successful?

The Smith name is definitely something we do take pride in as we are all known for racing hard. So yes there’s pressure there to keep the Family name in the spot light. #16 Courtney Smith, yes my sister but always gives 110% in every race as we do share that Smith passion and She is always one to watch.

So just for fun now, if you had to name any driver past or present from any formula that you would love to see racing a mini super two who would it be?

My uncle Diggy would spring to mind. He would see what a cracking formula his brother, my dad John Smith has created.

Are there any people or sponsors that you would like to give a mention or shout out to?

Well as always J S Plant Hire has always been there throughout all my racing, Chessell Wood Yard, a good friend and my newest sponsor which will be going much bigger on my car next season!! Impact Signs created a stunning design for my car in my opinion and has always been there for racing advice. Spedeworth takes pride place on the rear of my car, A big thanks to them for the work and race meetings they put on for us, A class promotion to race for.

well its been great talking to you Matt and best of luck in the big race.

Thank you


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