Driver interview with #979 Seamus “Famous” Cushnahan

Hi Seamus, thanks for taking time out to have a chat with us, As many people know you were racing superstox up until very recently, What made you make the change and how do you think a Mini Super Two compares to their larger brothers?

I remember when John first started with the MS2s and as there was only a couple cars at the time I thought I’d give them a miss, got into superstox which is a very competitive class and to compete at that high level was just simply out of my budget, I decided to buy a MS2 and give them a go which to my surprise turned out to be a really good move for a number of reasons, one being they are a proper budget racing class and it got the FUN back into the racing for me!, I’d highly recommend anyone who is trying to get into racing or have even raced for years to at least give them a go once

As a formula that is relatively new compared to most i agree that you have to try them to really see how these cars stack up compared to other formulas and even career racers have been surprised by them, How is your car prep coming along for the upcoming National Championship and maybe your prediction for the top 3?

We have gone all out with the car prep for my car and also my brothers, they have had a full once over, as it’s a big race we need to make sure everything is 110%, predications for the big race, it’s hard to say, if it’s anything like the first bend of the British it could be anyone’s but there is that many competitive drivers in the class it’s open for anyone really, some names would be Paul Cook, Tristan Jackson, Matt smith on pole will be hard to catch but not to take anything away from some of the yellow and white drivers I do honestly think it’s anyone’s race.

In some ways its been a year of the lower grades with many of the red and superstar grade drivers coming in behind which shows all grades have a chance. Are there any well known drivers from other formulas that you would like to see come out in an MS2 and why?

Good question! I’d like to see Billy Wood, Mike Foire, Deane himself and Dan Roots who would defiantly mix things up

I think Deane and Billy together might be a recipe for disaster! It would be great to see what some of those drivers think after a run out in the formula. What would you say is your favourite track? Also your thoughts on racing on shale?

At the minute Birmingham as I haven’t had a go round in a MS2 at Eastbourne or Aldershot yet, I loved Eastbourne in the superstox, thoughts on the shale, I’d love to give it a go and again mixes the racing up for all the drivers

With Mini Super Twos being very much a "Family formula" how have you found it racing against your brother Dominic? Is there going to be a fierce rivalry there?

My hearts broken lol, my brothers not mechanically minded so I help him out with the car, he has had a few crashes recently and I think I’ve worked on his car a lot more than my own

All part of the ups and downs of stockcar racing, Finally before we let you get back to repairing Dominics car, Do you have any people or sponsors you would like to mention?

I would like to thank John Smith and everyone in the MS2’s family as they all jump on helping each other when the cars get wrecked, Billy Wood at Spedeworth fabrications for supplying some of the safety gear for racing, Jordan McCann from JMC custom paints for my personalised race helmet, Chris Roots of Roots contractors, AHM motorsport for helping out and not to forget the Mrs for her constant support with the racing

Thanks for your time Seamus and the very best of luck for the big race for yourself and Dominic.

Photo credit: Racepixels

Car prep underway on the #979 car

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