Driver interview with Junior driver 22 Callum Kelman


Hi Callum, thanks for taking some time to chat with us. I will start off by asking how you got into short oval racing as im guessing with the Kelman name there will be lots to say on that subject!

From a young age I have had a passion for racing, watching grandad and dad fly round the track was what started my love for it. So when I was old enough to race I jumped on every chance I had.

A little bird tells me that you have family connections to some very well known names in motorsport including Mark Eaton and also Derek Warrick, Obviously both had very different motorsport careers, what would your aims be for yourself in your motorsport future?

Yes, both my grandad and great uncle have been very successful in racing. As it stands I’m out there to have lots of fun and to create my own stance and in the future I intend to follow my dad and grandads foot steps in superstox.

Well it sounds like you will have lots of advice and support along the way whichever formulas you race in. So how have you found your first season in the Junior Mini Super Twos?

So far this season I’ve had some highs and lows and at times I have been very dizzy, but for the most of it I’ve had lots of fun and lots of intense racing.

As you have mentioned you have had some highs with some good results at Birmingham wheels, Are you looking forward to the challenge of a different track when you head to Aldershot raceway for the National Championship this sunday?

Yes, I’m looking forward to be heading back to Aldershot where my main aim will be to finish a race, as looking back on our only race there so far I ended up with lots of spins and not so many finishes.

Looking at the points chart you will be starting in pole position for the main race, Im sure you are very pleased with that, Is the car all ready to go? Have you been spending more time on the car to get ready?

Yes, I’m really pleased with getting pole for the national, we’ve been working a lot on the car to get it ready for Sunday so I hope we perform .

Which other drivers do you think will be amongst the top 3 in the big race?

It’s hard to say, but I think there could be a chance both 24 and 46 could be in the top three along with 217 Josh dent, but I also believe that 380 may be a dark horse. Although really it’s anyone’s race with such a close bunch of drivers

Will you prepare for the race any differently with it being a championship?

No, I’m not overly preparing for this race any differently to any other, I’m going there to compete in the hope that I’ll do well, as I know it will be a close race as usual, but the main reason I will go is to have some fun.

So outside of racing do you have any other interests and what would you like to do for a job when you leave school?

When I leave school, my plan is to take over the J&CK leisure group, and outside of racing and school my main interests are my mates and girls.

Well it sounds like you have it all planned out and we wish you the best of luck, Before we let you go would you like to mention any people or sponsors?

First of all I’d like to thank the J&CK group for putting me through racing, I would also like to thank my little sister for coming to all of my races and giving up most of dads weekends for racing, but also for still moaning even when we have a good turn out.

Thanks Callum and the best of luck for Sunday.


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