Grid finalised for 2017 National Championship meeting at Yarmouth

The starting grid for the 2017 Mini Super Twos National Championship race has now been finalised. Join us for the action on 24th September at Yarmouth stadium!

Row 1: 515 Craig Driscoll 16 Courtney Smith
Row 2: 70 Rob Dance 317 Mark Sanders
Row 3: 81 Paul Cook 704 Graham Crouch
Row 4: 23 Tim Cotter 231 Matt Clayton
Row 5: 575 Louie Scott-Draper 116 John Smith
Row 6: 38 Dan Boys 12 Paul Sweeney
Row 7: 405 Rob Skipper 24 Neil Dodson
Row 8: 46 Macauley Joy 201 John Dodge
Row 9: 267 Danielle Weaver 562 Trevor Gray

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