Track Talk with #110 Jack White

#110 Jack White made his debut in the Mini Super Twos at Northampton International Raceway last May and went on to enjoy success with race wins at Yarmouth and Aldershot during the rest of the season. We caught up with the reigning British Championship title-holder shortly after our first shale meeting at Mildenhall.

Car number: 110
Hometown: Northampton

Mini Super Twos webmaster: Hi Jack, its now the week after our first meeting at Mildenhall - have you managed to get the shale off of your car and how was the meeting for you?

Jack: "My car was covered from top to bottom in shale after the races and my Dad has been kind enough to pressure wash it for me. As for the meeting we struggled with finding a good set up on the day in the wet and tried a couple of different tyre pressures, but our best result was a fifth in the second heat. It wasn't the best meeting but certainly fun and different!"

Jack White and Rob Dance

Jack White races Rob Dance at Aldershot Raceway

Mini Super Twos webmaster: The Mini Super Twos are scheduled to visit six different tracks this year (including Swaffham). Do you have a favourite? And do you have a 'least-favourite'? And why?

Jack: "The track I get most excited about visiting is Aldershot Raceway. We've been very successful here in recent years and the layout is really awesome to get great results from the car! Yarmouth has probably got to be my least favourite because of the wire-and-post set up. They cause so much damage and also hurt if you hit one! But we still enjoy going to Yarmouth- it's a great place to race."

Mini Super Twos webmaster: You had a great 2018 season when you took the British Championship title and also finished third in the National Championship race. What have been your personal highlights in Mini Super Twos so far?

Jack: "Winning the 2018 British championship at Yarmouth has to be the best so far in the Mini Super Twos and in all of my time racing. I had never won a major championship up until that night. I came fourth in the first heat and won the second heat which put me on outside pole for the Final with Paul cook on my inside. Paul was always going to be the man to beat but luckily I stayed out of trouble and led from flag to flag! The National was a tricky meeting as we started a few meetings into the series so had lost a few points but throughout the year we won a few races and had some incredible results which put me fifth on the grid. It was always going to be a challenge putting the car in the top three but we did it and came third, so all in all it wasn't a bad finish over all."

Jack White at Mildenhall Stadium

Jack White at Mildenhall Stadium

Mini Super Twos webmaster: Tell us about your previous racing experience - where did you begin racing and do you have any relatives involved in motorsport?

Jack: "I began racing at St Neots Autograss Club nearly ten years ago in a Class 2 Corsa, then I moved on into a Nissan Micra which was a proven car at the time and allowed me to win the Class 2 EA league in 2012. My last races in an autograss car were on tarmac at Northampton International Raceway where I won the Final. We sold all of the autograss cars and moved in to Spedeworth Rookie Rods in 2013. I stayed with the Rookie Rods for four years. I never thought I'd sell the 'Rod but the time had come where the car was taking up too much time and I wanted something a little easier to maintain. My Dad (Dave, who is always with me doing the mechanical stuff at meetings) raced in autograss Class 2 and Class 3 in the 1980s and my uncle mark also raced in Class 2 during the same period. They both gave up in the early 90's after several successful years racing together in bright red matching Ford Escorts."

Mini Super Twos webmaster: What made you want to join the Mini Super Twos formula?

Jack: "I fell out of love with the Rookie Rods towards the end of 2017 due to the amount of damage and repair costs. I wanted to spend more time with Kirstie, Phoebe and Oscar as a family without having to spend most of my weekends in the workshop. I had a look at the MS2 website and thought I'd like to have a go, so I mentioned this to my Dad and he wasn't overly sure this was the way forward; he spoke to John (John is always busy at meetings but made the time to chat to us) about renting a car but the hire cars were already booked for Northampton, and I'd left it too late! Me being me, I couldn't wait for a new one to be built and found out one car was for sale local to me. The following Saturday I was off to look at it and see what I thought and the rest is history... and here I am today!"

Mini Super Twos webmaster: Outside of the Mini Super Twos what other racing aspirations do you have? Are there any tracks you'd love to race on that you haven't yet, or cars you dream of driving?

Jack: "I'm really into the British Touring Car Championship at the moment. I follow them every step of the way. I follow the BriSCA F1s on Twitter fairly often (there's just something about them)! Every now and again I will mention to my Dad about a 2.0 Litre Hot Rod as they are becoming a popular formula. However the money and effort put in to those cars is second to none, so would be out of my league. I'd love to test one around Ipswich one day! "

Mini Super Twos webmaster: You have alot of support trackside. Who comes along to see you race and help in the pits?

Jack: "Every race day consists of my Dad, my auntie T and myself. We go to every meeting together guaranteed. Aldershot has great viewing for spectators and allows my Nan to come and watch without the worry of having to get out the car and stand at the fence due to a double knee replacement recently. My mum will come along too and lay on the back seat of the car (she doesn't like watching me). My sister Gem is a good support too; she will video all three races and put it on a DVD and her husband Adi is in the army so he comes when he's able to! My fiance Kirstie and my children Phoebe and Oscar love coming to a race meeting when it isn't school the next day to support me whenever possible! Baby number 3 is due in October so I'm sure there will be even more support added trackside!"

Mini Super Twos webmaster: What about 110 - why do you race under that number?

Jack: "My Dad was SN110 when he was racing autograss back in the 80's. I had SN110 when I started autograss. I also had 110 in the Rookie Rods so I wanted to carry it across to the Mini Super Twos."

Mini Super Twos webmaster: Competing in any kind of motorsport requires alot of dedication - do you have any sponsors?

Jack: "I have two great sponsors who help me out alot. My Dad (DW Autos); he maintains the car for me at his busy workshop and trackside he makes sure the car is ready to do the job it's made for. He also helps with travel costs and anything else we may need on the way! Thanks Dad!

"David Nott & Sons Ltd General Builders in Luton have sponsored me since 2013 and have been very loyal supplying me with anything from paintwork and signwriting to tyres and wheels. A big thanks to Andrew and Lee for keeping me on track and Gem for organising all the stuff they sponsor me with!

"I also have to say a huge 'thank you' to Earle at Brockhall Coachworks (Northampton) for painting my new F1-style wing for the 2019 campaign in the British colours!"

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