This booking service is for drivers to notify Mini Super Two's of their intention to attend race meetings



 • You must compete in 3 out of the 5 NCQR's for the joker card points to be valid.
• All points for the two heats & final will be doubled when using your joker card.
• If you use the joker card & then compete in less than 3 NCQR's, the double points achieved at that round will be void but you will still get any standard points scored.
• You must declare the use of your joker card by stating it on the MS2 adult/junior group chat.
• You can use your joker card up to & including the day of the NCQR, but you must declare the use of your joker card before the practice session on race day.
• If you decide last minute/on the day of the meeting to use your joker card, you must remember to state it on the group chat, failure to notify on the group chat will void the use on that day & no double points will be awarded.
• Once you declare the use of your joker card for that meeting, any mechanical failure or crash damage unabling you to compete will have to be put down to bad luck (same for everyone).
• All points scored when using the joker card will - 1) be added to other NCQR points to determine your grid slot for the NC race. 2) also be used for you in the season long points table.
• The use of the joker card is not mandatory, it is entirely optional & down to the individual weather they use it or not at any of the NCQR's.


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