2018 Championship rounds:

Saturday 17th March - Arlington Stadium National Championship Qualifying Round 1

Sunday 1st April - Aldershot Raceway National Championship Qualifying Round 2

Sunday 15th April - Yarmouth Stadium

Sunday 29th April - Mildenhall British Championship National Championship Qualifying Round 3

Sunday 13th May - Yarmouth Stadium

Saturday 19th May - Northampton Shaleway National Championship Qualifying Round 4

Wednesday 30th May - Arlington Stadium

Sunday 17th June - Yarmouth Stadium

Wednesday 27th June - Arlington Stadium

Wednesday 25th July - Yarmouth Stadium

Wednesday 1st August - Arlington Stadium

Wednesday 8th August - Yarmouth Stadium

Sunday 19th August - Yarmouth Stadium East Anglian Championship 

Wednesday 29th August - Yarmouth Stadium National Championship Qualifying Round 5

Sunday 9th September - Yarmouth Stadium

Sunday 16th September - Aldershot Raceway National Championship

Sunday 7th October - Birmingham Wheels

Sunday 21st October - Yarmouth Stadium

Please go to our Fixtures Archive page for race dates from previous years.

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