2019 Junior Super Twos Championship Points

2019 Championship Points
Upto & Including 15th September 2019
Roof Gradings are for September 2019
Roof Gradings are worked out monthly, by points awarded.

1st: #710 Reece Townsend 384 Points (Gold Roof/Superstar)
2nd: #46 Danny Skipper 338 Points (Red Roof)
3rd: #24 Reuben Dodson 286 Points (Red Roof)
4th: #03 Eden Dodson 254 Points (Blue Roof)
5th: #45 Jacob Skipper 201 Points (Blue Roof)
6th: #761 Jack Rollett 169 Points (Yellow Roof)
7th: #717 Ceara Townsend 160 (Yellow Roof)
8th: #807 Lulu Crowden-Murfin 132 Points (Yellow Roof)
9th: #206 Violet Robinson-Gibbs 111 Points (Yellow Roof)
10th: #325 Cara Pellett 46 Points (White Roof)
11th: #258 Henry Lumley 23 Points (White Roof)
12th: #118 Tegan Davis 16 Points (White Roof)
13th: #209 Rhyan Gibbs 3 Points (White Roof)

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