Weaver Brothers Roofing Southern Series

Weaver Brothers Roofing Southern Series

Points after round 2, June 12th 2019

1st: #761 Matthew Smith 65 Points
2nd: #70 Rob Dance 62 Points
3rd: #81 Paul Cook 52 Points
4th: #119 Nick Glover 40 Points
5th: #325 Robert Pellett 34 Points
6th: #78 Chris Gilfoy 33 Points
7th: #24 Neil Dodson 28 Points
8th: #405 Robert Skipper 26 Points
9th: #553 Kayleigh Glover 19 Points
10th: #267 Danielle Weaver 18 Points
11th: #23 Tim Cotter 17 Points
12th: #711 Andy Hopkins 14 Points
13th: #476 Sean Pooley 8 Points
14th: #110 Jack White 1 Point

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