Driver interview with #476 Sean Pooley

Sean on the left collecting a trophy from Matt Cotter at the Tim Cotter memorial meeting

Hi Sean thanks for taking a bit of time out to have a chat, First of all how long have you been racing a Mini Super Two now and how did you get started in the formula?

We started racing in mini super twos in 2019 after hiring a car from John Smith for the last meeting of 2018 on the recommendations of Chris Gilfoy, I raced Great Yarmouth on the Sunday night and purchased my own car the following day.

Many of our drivers start by hiring a car, What racing experience did you have before Mini Super Twos and how does it compare?

I started racing in the late 90’s in hodge rods at ringwood and then moved onto 1300 stock cars, after racing them for several years we purchased a stock rod and raced that on and of for a few seasons, The ms2 formula is as competitive has any I have raced in but the people and atmosphere around the pits is like nothing I’ve ever experienced in racing before with everyone helping in anyway they can.

There is a trend amongst our drivers that all say how friendly it is which is something John Smith is very proud of and works hard to keep part of the formula, So moving on to the big race coming up on Sunday, Predictions for the top 3 and maybe a dark horse that you think could do well?

It’s very difficult to predict the top 3 with so many fast drivers lining up on the grid, with Matt smith starting on pole you can’t count him out for a top 3 finish, Tristan Jackson and Paul Cook I’m sure will also be on the podium especially from the grid positions Don’t forget Courtney Smith who is very quick also and may put a spanner in the works! Dark horse could be Seamus Cushnahan starting further down the grid but he has the experience and know how to negotiate his way through traffic and could spring a surprise in the later laps

With many of the wins this year being taken by drivers in the lower grades it really could be anyones depending on how that first lap turns out very much like most contact formulas. As one of the furthest travelled drivers in the formula it must have been tough to qualify well, Talk us through the unique travel circumstances you face and how your feeling about how your car is going heading into the big race?

We decided to move from Heathrow to the Isle of Wight about 11 years ago, so the travelling can be very long and tedious depending on what tracks we are racing on. If we race at Great Yarmouth on a Sunday it really is a 24hr round trip for us. The problem is ferry times as we have found that in some circumstances we have to travel the night before so we can make the start times for the meetings. Fortunately I still have family in Heathrow which I stay with when I need to, my cousin Dave who also comes along to help with the car. We have tried to commit to all the meetings this year only missing out on 2 of them. Over the last couple of meetings we have slightly changed the setup on the car and we have not tried that at Aldershot yet so we will have to see how that works out on the big race!

We also hear rumours of a new car maybe, can you confirm or deny? Also with some big changes recently for example Simpson Race exhausts now an option for cars and showing possible performance improvements and definite noise improvement would you like to see any other changes or upgrades being made or allowed on the cars?

Yes we have a new car coming for next season which we may put in the shows in the new year, we are yet to run the new Simpson exhaust but will have it on for aldershot. As for improvements I think John and the team have made the necessary advances in making the cars even more reliable this season.

A question that we have been asking all the drivers now, are there any drivers from other formulas that you would like to see come out and have a go in a Mini Super Two?

Would love to see Billy and Deane have a go, I think it would be good if we done a legends and superstars meeting,

I think Deane and Billy are going to think they are being called out here as its not the first time those two names have cropped up! Finally before we let you go are there any people or companies that you would like to give a shout out to?

I am so lucky and grateful with all the help I receive with my racing, I have so many people running round for me due to my location so a big thank you to Sean Smith and Chris Gilfoy who both put some miles in for me! my cousin Dave Gooch and uncle Alan Burksfield, Dan Smith, George and Karly at West London Truck Bodies, Sam at Transit Tec, Carl at Barneys Tyres, and all the other sponsors who contribute generously. But the biggest thank you goes to Jason at Shaun Burden Vehicle Repairs for the help and ongoing work on the car and without I wouldn’t make as many meetings as I do.

Thanks Sean and best of luck in the big race.

Photo credits: Left - Racepixels Right - Gridart

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